Cầu chì 1.3A 125V ALARM FUSE

1.3 Amps
125 Volts AC/DC
General purpose alarm fuse
Plug-In type
NTT approved
Open fuse indication window
PCB, DIN or panel mount with proper fuse holder
RoHS compliant
UR, TOV approved
Interrupt rating 10 KA @ 125V
Alarm contact
Fuse has window for viewing trip status
1.26” height x .39” width x .91” depth
.335 oz. in weight

Cầu chì Daito DM03.3A 125V FAST FUSE  
Cau chi Daito DM051/2A 125V FAST FUSE 
Cau chi DM101A 125V FAST FUSE 
Daitochinhhang DM161.6A 125V FAST FUSE  
Daito Japan DM202A 125V FAST FUSE   T
Daito vietnam DM323.2A 125V FAST FUSE  '
Cầu chì Daito GP032.32A 250V ALARM FUSE
Cau chi Daito GP101A 250V ALARM FUSE 
Cau chi GP10010A 250V ALARM FUSE 
Daitochinhhang GP15015A 250V ALARM FUSE  
Daito Japan GP323.2A 250V ALARM FUSE  
Daito vietnam GP404A 250V ALARM FUSE
Cầu chì Daito HM03.3A 250V FAST FUSE  
Cau chi Daito HM101A 250V FAST FUSE   T
Cau chi P413L 1.3A 125V ALARM FUSE
Daitochinhhang P420H2A 250V NORMAL ALARM  
Daito Japan P430H3A 250V NORMAL ALARM 
Daito vietnam P435H  3.5A 250V
Cầu chì Daito P435L   3.5A 125V A
Cau chi Daito PL4100 10A 125V FAST ALARM 
Cau chi PL4100L  10A 125V ALARM   10
Daitochinhhang PL4150  15A 125V FAST ALARM  
Daito Japan PL4150S  15A ALARM FUSE 
Daito vietnam PL475   7.5A 125V FAST ALARM  
Cầu chì Daito SDP16   1.6A 125V 
Cau chi Daito SDP32  3.2A 125V TD RoHS  
Cau chi SDP50  5A 125V TD FUSE ROHS
Daitochinhhang SMP16  1.6A 125V
Daito Japan SP405H   1/2A 220V 
Daito vietnam SP410  1A 220V
Cầu chì Daito SP430   3A 220V TD FUSE 3
Cau chi Daito UP300  30A 250V
Cau chi UP200  20A 250V
Daitochinhhang P420L  2A 125V AC / DC 
Daito Japan P430  3A 220V
Daito vietnam P435  3.5A 220V
Cầu chì Daito P450  5A 220V
Cau chi Daito PL4150L  15A 125V FUSE
Cau chi HP032   .32A 250V
Daitochinhhang HP32  3.2A 250V FAST ALARM  
Daito Japan HP20  2A 250V FAST The Daito
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